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논문 상세정보

식민지신문 『조선시보(朝鮮時報)』의 연재소설 작가 연구- 메이지 유행 작가 오구리 후요(小栗風葉)를 중심으로

Study on Colonial Newspapaer ‘Chosen Jiho’ and Serial Novel Author - Focused on Popular Meiji Period Author Oguri Huyo -

일어일문학연구 v.110 , 2019년, pp.321 - 339  

This paper is to study the features of the serial novels in the colonial newspaper ‘Chosen Jiho’, focused on popular Meiji period author Oguri Huyo. In the period when the serial novels in newspapers played an important role for the newspapers’ purpose to increas etheir circulations, Japanese newspaper makers went to Busan, an open port city, to increase their circulations and promoted employment of the authors in the Japanese central literature and published serial novels. As such, the colonial region press exercise defforts to attract readers by employing famous authors. ‘Chosen Jiho’ was the newspaper which made significant efforts into serial novels by placing the serial novels at the first page. Oguri Huyo who had been working as a famous writer but dropped out from the literature world appears to have continued his life as a writer by submitting novels to the regional newspapers and colonial regional newspapers.  In fact, there is little information on what Oguri Huyo had done since 1910 but the discovery of his works published on ‘Chosen Jiho’ has enabled his history of work to be considered. Meanwhile, the leading discussions on women which Oguri Huyo tried to make are also found in ‘Chosen Jiho’ and this appears to have contributed to formation of discussion on women in the colonial and modern era.

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