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논문 상세정보

니체의 근대인 비판과 새로운 삶의 제안 -‘꿈’의 상징과 삶의 의미회복을 중심으로

Nietzsche's Critique of Modern People and Proposal for a New Life - The Symbol of 'Dream' and the Recovery of Meaning of Life -

인문과학 no.74 , 2019년, pp.255 - 284   http://dx.doi.org/10.31310/HUM.074.09

From the perspective of irrationalism, Nietzsche pointed out that modern people had lost the intuitive abilities and the meanings of life. Modernity achieved many civilizational achievements through scientific rationality. It changed human life into a calculative and measurable one. In the realm of life, Modernity emphasized the freedom of individuals, but the ideal human of Modernity was not a free human. By promoting equality, Modernity has idealized an ordinary human being. In Thus Spoke Zarathustra, “the last man (der letze Mensch)” showed this ordinary human-image that modern people wanted to become. 'Universality' or 'ordinariness' replaced 'ἀρετή (excellence)' which the ancient Greeks valued highly. Nietzsche argued that creation of new meanings of life would be a task for future humans. He said that 'the strong human in the Future' must reject a normal life and create new meanings of life. He emphasized new meanings being created through qualitative sublimation. He argued that the meaning of life could be newly discovered when the 'will to power' is exercised freely. The meaning of life will become diverse when we realize a 'will' in our own life as necessity.Nietzsche's "the great man (der große Mensch)" can be defined as a human type to create new meanings of life. This view of humanity is also very important to us, who live in the 21st century when various lives and cultures coexist.

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