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논문 상세정보

혼인관계의 파탄에 따른 자녀인도청구의 실무상 쟁점

Practical issues of the return of child due to the breakdown of marital relationship

민사법의 이론과 실무 v.22 no.3 , 2019년, pp.39 - 95  

If a problem occurs in a marital relationship, the wife takes a child and goes home, or one of the spouses runs away, and the other party shares the child's care alone. In many cases, the request for return of the child is made by attaching to the parental and caregiver designation legally, but in some cases, the return request for the child is taken alone. In recent years, due to double-income, it has become a problem in relation to a third party as well as a parent as a child is entrusted with the care of a child to a close relative such as a grandparent of the child. Such a problem of parental abduction(removal) has been recognized as a very important issue on an international level for a long time. In order to solve this problem, Hague Conference on Private International Law drafted Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction in 1980, and many countries, including Korea, have joined the Convention. The most important thing here is the return of the child in terms of the child's best interest. In other words, The problem of the request for return between the parties due to the breakdown of the marital relationship is necessary to understand the issue in practice from the viewpoint of the best interests of the child and to examine it theoretically. Nevertheless, unfortunately, discussions on parental child abduction and enforcement problems due to the breakdown of marital relations have not been actively conducted in Korea. This paper categorizes the request for return of children according to the breakdown of marital relations and examines the specific practical issues. Firstly, this paper examines the previous discussion on the so-called 'return(relocation) request.' Secondly, as a practical matter that can be problematic on the basis of previous discussion, the legal meaning of this problem and the issue of jurisdiction will be examined by the type of case, and the criteria for the judgment will be examined. in addition, this paper points out practical problems associated with conventional enforcement and examines enforcement methods appropriate to the child's welfare.

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