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논문 상세정보

韓國의 三元論的 思惟에 관한 一考

A consideration on the SamWon's Thought of Korea

仙道文化 v.27 , 2019년, pp.139 - 174  

I will study the SamWon's principles as the Thought structure of the Korean people by studying the origins of Korean culture and thought. I would like to pay attention to the fact that the Korean people attach importance to the number of ‘3’. It is assumed that the principle of this SamWon's theory is derived from the geometrical characteristics of the circle (π), which is the symbol of the sun, and it is to be revealed through the East and West literature centering on the I Ching(易) of oriental thought. In addition, we have summarized the main characteristics of SamWon's principle in three elements and three levels. In order to formulate the phenomenal system from the one that corresponds to the origin of existence, three elements and three steps are required. By exploring the principles of the SamWon's thought structure inherent to the Korean people, we will expand our understanding of the ideas and culture of Koreans based on them, and the various understandings of the three gods, the three and seven days, the three Taiji, the three times and using in mordern life

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