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논문 상세정보

피복(被服)의 보온효과에 관(關)한 연구(硏究) -비닐의 방풍효과를 중심(中心)으로

A Study of Clothings for Cold Prevention -Protective Effects of Vinyl Sheet against Wind-


Three Combinations of cloths were evaluated for the protective effects of different kinds of clothings in cold environments. Table 1 shows the components of the three models of clothings. A prototype was made by putting a sheet of vinyl at the middle layer of raw cotton in a fabric-quilt cloths. A glove mannequin was covered by each of these cloths. The globes contained 1,000 cc of hot water about $40^{\circ}C$. Tele-thermistors were fixed in order to check the temperature of cloths space and water temperature for evaluation of calorie-loss and climate of clothings. Results are summarized as follows: 1) Without wind, there is no significant difference of air temperatures between sti-parka and quilt-wear clothing. 2) The prototype with vinyl sheet best protects against wind, the next is the ski-parka. Quilt-wear protects the least. 3) It is well-known that a working-clothing needs not have any separate liners nor outers. 4) For innermost layer of a clothing preventing cold, a cotton-fabrics is recommended and a water-proof cloths for outer layer. 5) Heat-loss was calculated from the cooling degrees of water. Calorie-loss was $910cal/m^2/hr$. when bared, but with the prototype of vinyl sheets the calorie-loss was $350cal/m^2/hr$. (38.5% of bared). Quilt-wear and ski-parka were 380(41.8%) and $440cal/m^2/hr$. (48.4%) respectively.

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