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논문 상세정보

구조론에 입각한 한국 저자기호표 연구 -한글의 구조상의 특색, 기입의 형식, 배열, 표기법 문제 등과 관련한 고찰

Author Notations Based on the Structure of the Author Table for Korean Libraries


As to the structure of author tables for the Korean libraries using the Korean alphabet Hangul for filing, no other system is understood more relevant to author notations than the analytico-synthetic system. The Korean character consists of syllables respectively dividual into 'consonant+vowel' or 'consonant+vowel+consonant,' with the first element a consonant and the second a vowel. When these elements are synthesized with figure representation, they make an enumerative two-figure table. Individualizing and assigning, therefore, are done without listing many en-tries on the table or looking up notations in ready-made enumerative author tables. We still do not have general agreements in form of entry, reading of the Japanese and Chinese names, transliteration of foreign words, and filing system. What is more, so flexible and hospitable a notation system should be adopted as to meet the anticipated changes. The writer introduces an author notation system that could make 150,000 divisions by combinating figures, thus making it possible to endure changes through readjustments. It is considered effective, convenient, and efficacious for individualization.

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