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논문 상세정보


Carbon monoxide poisoning is one of the most serious health problems in Korea, because we have been encountered with the highest incidence of CO poisoning in the world due to the unique heating system in home called 'ondal'. We opened Hyperbaric chamber unit in the Seoul National University Hospital last Jan, 1969. We have treated 848 patients as of Sept. 30., 1972, around 44 months period. We collected the informations on the environmental conditions of the place where CO intoxication actually occured by filling up the questionaire from 505 patients. The following findings were obtained. 1. Age distribution showed that the highest incidence was found in the younger age group between age of 10 to age of 29 in both sex. 2. Sex ratio of the patients was 1:1.14. 3. The socio-economic level of the patient was relatively low. 4. Housewife & housemaid were the major victims of the intoxication in the female patients & in the case of the male patient, occupational backgrounds were diverse. 5. Many patients from the middle class experienced the intoxication by sleeping at newly built room. 6. Many intoxication has been occured in the structure of houses where communicating doors are existing between living room & kitchen. 7. All findings obtained taught us again that CO poisoning is the serious by-product of the national fuel policy which put emphasis on the use of coal & socio-economic status is a very important parameter in this hazards.

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