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논문 상세정보

소양면 지역사회 환경기초조사

A Basie Community Health Survey in Rural Korea (Soyang-Myun)


1. Introduction Community medicine with the concept of comprehensive medical care and an ideal medical care delivery system not only for an individual or family but for the whole community has emerged. In April 1970, the Presbyterian Medical Center started a hospital based community health service project in order to improve the health of the people in rural areas. Prior to commencing a comprehensive medical care system, a family survey was needed. The major objective of this survey was to obtain information concerning the people and their environment so as to be able to plan and implement a comprehensive medical care program in Soyang-Myun. 2. Survey Method An interview using a family record form was carried out for each household. This family record form was designed to get information about demography, family planning, environmental sanitation and vital statistics. Prior to beginning, the members of the survey team were trained in interviewing techniques for three days. The team consisted of a public health nurse, four nurse-aides, a sanitarian and four health extension workers who are working in our project, The survey was carried out during the period November 1971 to March 1972. 3. Project area 1) Population of Soyang-Myun was 11,668; male, 5,962 and female, 5,706. Sex ratio: 104.5. 2) Households : 1,858 3) Family size: The average household consisted of 6.3 persons. 4) Educational level of householder a. Illiterate 13% b. No schooling but able to read 10% c. Preschool children 19% d. Primary school 47% e. Middle school 7% f. High school 3% g. College or University 1% 5) Occupational distribution of householders a. Farmer 67% b. Laborer 13% c. Office worker 4% d. Merchant 4% e. Industrial worker 2% f. Unemployed 8% g. Miscellaneous 2% 6) Religious affiliation a. No religion 74% b. Buddhist 12% c. Protestant 10% d. Catholic 4% 4. Survey results Living Environment : a. Home ownership 95% b. Kinds of roofing Straw-thatched house 84% Tile-roofed house 10% Slate-roofed house 5% Other 1% c. Floor space Less than 6 pyong 10% 6-10 pyong 53% 11-15 pyong 24% 16-20 pyong 9% More than 20 pyong 4% d. Radio ownership 80% Environmental Sanitation : a. the source of drinking water public well 49% private well 30% drainage water 9% steam water 8% well pump 3% water distribution system 1% b. Distance between well and toilet more than 16meters 38% 6-10 meter 31% 11-15 meters 14% Less than 6 meters 17% c. The status of well management Bad 72% Fair 26% Good 2% d. General sanitary state of house Bad 37% Fair 51% Good 12% e. House drainage system had no house drainage. 77% Family Planning : a. 24% of the people have used contraceptives, but 12% ceased to use them. 76% have never used contraceptives. b. used methods 1oop 68% oral pill 16% vasectomy 4% condom 1% tubal ligation 1% two or more methods 10% Maternal Health : a. The number of conceptions of housewives under 50 years of age. 11 times 26% 6 times 11% 5 times 11% 4 times 9% b. The place of delivery own house 88% hospital 1% others 11% Treatment of general sickness : a. The place of treatment Soyang Health Center 31% Hospital (private or otherwise) 26% Pharmacy 14% Herb medicine 5% Private care 5% No treatment 12% Miscellaneous 7% b. Usual causes of diseases Unknown 46% Tuberculosis 29% Neuralgia 8% CVA 3% Bronchitis 3% Others 11%

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