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논문 상세정보

경상북도내 고등교육기관 도서관실태조사 및 분석


As a part of the status report of all the libraries of Gyeong Buk Province, the libraries of the higher educational institutions in the province were first examined in this study. The following methods were employed for this investigation: 1) questionnaires were sent to the libraries to gather necessary data and 2) the library standards as set by the government were applied for the analysis of the data and other related statistical studies and reports were consulted. Eighteen libraries in the 22 higher educational institutions in the province were examined as of August 1974. For the convenience of the study, the 18 libraries were classified into the following four categories: four-year college library, two-year normal school library, two-year junior college library, and three-year nursing school library. Paul Buck contends that the library is the center of academic life and that the quality higher education is not possible without a quality library. This is so because all the research activities have to be supported by good library facilities. Moreover it is difficult to justify the raison d'etre of an academic community if there is no active research activities in it. If the proposition is accepted that the library plays one of the most important roles in research and that research is one of the most important aspects of an academic community, it cannot be helped but observe that the role the libraries in the province play today is irregular and is far from the educational ideals the higher educational institutions envisage. The present study revealed that there was not a single library in the province which could truly support the research and classroom activities of the higher educational institutions. The college and the normal school libraries, nonetheless, had some facilities to be analyzed. The nursing school and the junior college libraries unfortunately had virtually nothing. It is hoped on the basis of the present study that the libraries should reorganize themselves and look for new directions for active support of research activities.

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