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논문 상세정보

일부(一部) 아동(兒童)의 신체발육(身體發育) 및 유병상태(有病狀態)에 관(關)한 조사연구(調査硏究) -기독교(基督敎) 아동복리회(兒童福利會) 전주분실(全州分室)에 가입(加入)한 아동(兒童)을 중심(中心)으로

A Study on Physical Growth and Morbidity of the Children under Christian Children's Fund Inc. Programme


The author has conducted survey on the status of physical growth and morbidity of the children for christian children's fund programme, as a means of collecting basic data for the anticipated establishment of a health planning. A total 345 children aged 9 to 16 underwent C.C.F. programme while as a control, a total of 480 children of same ages from the middle-class school children in Jeonju area was also studied. As results of survey conducted for a period of one month (form July 1 to 31, 1974) on a total 429 children in 347 households living in Jeonju area. I. Socio-economic background 1. By educational status of the children, 39.9 per cent of the total children was attending at primary school, 33.8 per cent in middle school and 15.6 per cent in high school. 2. The greatest proportion or 28.8 per cent of the household head were engaged in labor, 17.9 per cent in peddler and 13.2 per cent in retail. 3. As for the living standard of the households, low class constitued 90.1 per cent, middle and high classes only 9.9 per cent. 4. 39.5 per cent of the households had their own house, 39.1 per cent lived in rent deposit house or rooms and 14.6 per cent in monthly rented house and rooms. II. Physical growth and nutritional status 1. The growth of children for C.C.F. programme in terms of height was found to be slightly smaller than the school children. The ages frm 9 to 16 corespond to the 'secondary growth and replenishment period and this period was regarded to be the one most affected by environmental and nutritional factors of all the other periods of growth and developmet. 2. The body weight of the children for C.C.F. presented a quite different pattern from that of the school children. The above findings appeared thin-and-long stature from the famillies with higher living standard while those from the household with low standard of living had a short-and-plump one. 3. According to the values of Rohrer's index, the children of C.C.F carried a higher degree of 'replenishment' than the children in Jeonju area and adolesecence comes later for the girls under C.C.F. programme. III. Morbidity 1. The monthly prevalence rate was 110.0 per thousand persons for the children under C.C.F. programme. 2. The total number of case was classified by timing of the incidence as follws. 40.0 per cent was constituted by diseases carried over from tile previous month and 60.0 per cent by new incidences. 3. The diseases were broken down by W.H.O. disease classification into the greatest proportion or 39.1 per thousand person constituted by disease of the digestive system.

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