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논문 상세정보

부산지역 의사들의 특성에 관한 조사

An Investigation to the General Characteristics of Doctors in Busan Area


To find a basic study for manpower of physicians and medical care systems in Busan, author has studied towards 1,069 doctors who had taken the regular report in 1973, residing in Busan City. The survey was conducted from July 1 to August 31, 1973 and the findings & results obtained through the study for distributions, characteristics, employment of doctors and some medical system were summarized as follows; 1. The ratio between doctor and populations in Busan City was 1:1,887. 2. The doctors who graduated from Susan Medical College were 438 as the most proportion (40.9%). 3. Sex distribution of doctors revealed male 970, female 99 and those belonging to the 30-39 age group were as the most proportion (41.0%). 4. The doctors who had faith in Christianity were the highest (22.3%), 5. By the opening year of clinics, there was increasing tendency after 1950, especially during 1970-1973. 6. At that time of investigation, the doctors who had private clinics were 673 (67.3%) and nonemployees were 27 (2.5%) 7. The total Medical Specialists in Busan were 519, and among them the Internal Medicine Specialists were the highest proportion (16.2%). 8. The clinics employing the disqualified nurse-aids were 237 (22.2%). 9. Most of doctors (81.8%) had opposed attitude to the establishment of new medical colleges. 10. More than half of the doctors (59.8%) agreed to the functional division between Physicians and Pharmacists. 11. The ratio of agreement to the practical application of public medical insurances was 68.7%. 12. The opinion by opening hospital-clinics at Myeon for administrative measures for doctorless rural area was the highest proportion. 13. The doctors who replied as low state of confidence of the citizens to the doctors-themselves were 691 (64.6%).

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