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논문 상세정보

농촌(農村)의 인구전출(人口轉出)에 관(關)한 연구(硏究

A Study on Out-migration of Rural People


The rapid economic development of Korea since 1960 has also brought a rapid urbanization process, and recently many rural areas have begun to show actual depopulation, in which particularly the young, productive and high educated groups are leaving for cities. More than 70% of migrators go to large cities such as Seoul, Pusan and Taegu. Their main motives for migration are to seek a job in urban areas. The study showed following results; The rate of migration a year was 1% of total population. Regarding the age of migrators belong to between 10-39 years old, especially migrator aged 10-29 years are comprised 87%. The educational level of migrators was a little higher than that of the residents. Considering the sibling order of migrators, the traditional value system for first son seemed to change. Concerning the place of destination, more than 70% of migrators moved to large cities such as Seoul. Pusan and Taegu. The main motivation of migration was to seek a job in urban areas. The occupation at the place of destination were factory workers, employee at company, students, salesmen, farmers and public officials in that order.

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