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논문 상세정보

모전기제품공장(某電氣製品工場)의 재해(災害

Industrial Accidents in A Battery Manufacturing Industry


Studies on 66 industrial accidents happened in a battery manufacturing industry during a year of 1973 were carried out. The results obtained are follows, 1. Majority of employees of this industry was occupied by yong woman aged between 20-24. 2. Incidence rate, frequency rate and severity rate of the accidents was 36.8 per 1,000, 12.8 per 100,000 labour day and 0.3% respectively. Anual average days of lost due to accidents was 18.0 days. 3. Accidents happened more frequently in male than female, and happened most frequently in age between 30-34. 4. As to type of work, 47.9% of the accidents happened on hand operating workers. This was the same in both sex. 5. Accidents happened mainly during 2-3 hours latter from work starts in both morning and afternoon work, 6. 63.6% of the accidents happened on hands in both sexes and followed by lower extremities. 7 Surface wounds like as laceration, cut and abrasion were the main types of injury occupying 31.8% and followed by burn at 24.2%. 8. 54.5% of accidents needed 1-2 weeks to heal the injury and heavy injury needed more than 5 weeks was only 9.1%. 9. Accidents happened most frequently in employees who served between 2-3 years in this industry, but observing of sex difference. it was most frequent in male who served more than 4 years whereas less than 6 months in female.

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