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논문 상세정보

한국에 관한 사회과학연구 : 한국학연구를 위한 문헌고찰

Social Science Studies on Korea : a literature survey for Korean studies


The present study is a literature survey aimed at . providing a means to improve the bibliographic apparatuses for Korean studies. The need for a study like this has proven urgent with the promotion of Korean studies both within and without in recent years. The study examines the social science literature on Korea produced in English between 1876 and 1945(A study is under way for literature since 1945 also). Selection of the titles for investigation was made on the basis of the relative importance of the works confirmed after reading book reviews and examining a variety of bibliographies. Each title selected was examined in terms of its subject matter, contribution to the discipline it belongs, references cited, relations with similar works in the field, and bibliographic features. Published books, dissertations both published or not published, and periodicals are included. Primarily a critical review it is also designed to provide background information on the present status of Korean studies and the historical development of Western studies on Korea. Special attenttion is given to the factors contributing to the foundations of the modern Western scholarchip on Korea in the late 19th century.

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