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논문 상세정보

일부(一部) 도시(都市) 영세지역(零細地域)의 보건실태(保健實態

Health Status in Urban Slum Area


In order to find out health problems among inhabitants in slum areas in Kwanak-Ku, Seoul, a series of health survey was conducted upon 510 households by interview from March to December, 1976. The results obtained were as follows: 1. Employments of householders were unstable; Out of 508 householders, 164(32.3%) were unemployed and 184 (36.2%) were daily or temporary employees. 2. Average number of households per house was 2.0 and average area of residential room per person was $4.0m^2$. 3. 476(93.3%) out of 510 households were supplied with tap water and rest of them made use of ground water as a source of drinking water. 4. Only 279(18.3%) out of 1527 live births were delivered at medical facilities, 496(32.7%) were at home attended by doctors or midwives and 358(25.1%) took prenatal care. The above findings were worse in urban slum area than in other urban area of relatively high economic level, but were better than in rural area of less medical facilities. 5. Initiation of treatment were delayed until their illnesses were advanced in most of the households, 472(92.5%) out 510. In the early stage of the illness, 131(25.6%) of the house-holds sought physicians in their clinics or general hospitals and 250 (40.9%) visited chemists, to toy drugs at first hand. Frequency of visits to physician increased to 52.8% as the disease aggravated in later stages. 6. Cost of medical expenditure per household amounted to 815 won, and was paid to, in the order of chemists, physicians, chinese herb stores, chinese herb doctors. 7. Concerning the health knowledge of the inhabitants, 273(53.9%) out of 506 respondents were aware of the infectivity of pulmonary tuberculosis, and 68(13.4%) of them checked regularly their chest findings by X-ray at least once every two years. 8. As for the family planning, although 448(87.3%) out of 510 respondents were in favor of it, 215 (41.8%) of them were actually practicing contraception. 9. About 40.6% (125 respondents) of them obtained information and knowledge concerning contraception through personal contact with family planning workers. 10. Nutritional status of housewives was generally poor: 49(38.3%) out of 128 housewives were found to be anemic and average serum protein level was $7.5{\pm}0.82g/dl$.

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