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논문 상세정보

간흡충감염백서에 있어서의 침강반응항체출현(沈降反應抗體出現)의 추이(推移

Gel Precipitation Reaction in Rats experimentally infected with Clonorchis sinensis


In the diagnosis of parasitic helminthic diseases, the value of examining and identifying the parasitic eggs and/or adult parasites from patient's urine or stool are well appreciated. However, these methods have a limited value in the diagnosis of tissue or intracellular parasitism, and we have to rely on supplementary methods such as immune-serological test. The author tested the value of gel precipitation reactions as a diagnostic method of clonorchiasis by observing the appearance of bands in rats experimentally infected with Clonorchis sinensis, And the therapeutic effect of CIBA 35'058-Ba was evaluated by this serological method. The antigen was prepared from the adult worms infected in rabbits by Tsuji method. Rats infected with 40 metacercariae each were bled on 7,14,21,26,28,39,42(43),49(53) days after infection to observe the appearance of precipitin bands by both Oucterlony method and immunoelectrophoresis. Fifteen rats were separately infected and treated with CIBA 35'058-Ba in dose of 15mg/kg of body weight. The following results were obtained: 1. It was observed that there exist individual variations in the appearance of the first precipitin band with the range of 2-4 weeks after infection. 2. The number of precipitin bands was increased until 6-7 weeks after infection. In all cases, 3 precipitin bands were appeared by Oucterlony method and 6-7 bands were appeared by immunoelectrophoresis after 6-7 weeks of infecion. 3. It was hardly possible to notice any change in the number of bands after the administration of CIBA 35'058-Ba. This result suggested that the drug has no effect on clonorchiasis which was confirmed by the autopsy of the experimental rats.

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