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논문 상세정보

연중독치료시 혈중연, 뇨중연, 뇨중 Coproporphrin, 뇨중 ${\\delta}$-Aminolevulinic acid의 변화

Change of Laboratory Parameters during Treatment of Lead Poisoning


In order to study the change of laboratory parameters of lead poisoning, 8 persona who had not been treated previously for lead poisoning (Group 1 and 6 persons who had been inadequately treated for few months for chronic lead poisoning at local clinic (Group 2) were examined. They had occupational exposure to lead for 3 to 18 years (mean, 7.6). In group 1 blood lead, urine lead, urine coproporphyrin and ${\delta}$-aminolevulinic acid levels before our treatment exceeded the critical levels of lead poisoning. In group 2 urine lead level exceeded but blood lead, urine coproporphyrin and ${\delta}$-aminolevulinic acid levels were within normal limits. All of them were treated with D-penicillamine for 4 months as inpatients at Industrial Accident Hospital. The dose of D-penicillamine was the same in all patients; 600 mg per day p.o. and the chelating agent was administer every other week. For laboratory analysis, 24 hour urine and 10 gm of whole blood were collected every 1 month on last day of non-administration period. The results were as follows: 1. It was found that urine lead level was decreased below the cirtical level of lead poisoning after 4 month's treatment with D-penicillamine and blood lead level was decreased more progressively below the critical level after 1 month treatment. 2. Urine coproporphyrin and ${\delta}$-aminolevulinic acid levels were decreased progressively to normal range after 1 month treatment. 3. Two months after treatment, blood lead, urine lead, urine coproporphyrin and ${\delta}$-aminolevulinic acid levels showed some increasing trends. 4. Urine lead level should be checked in a person who had been inadequately treated with chelating agents because blood lead, coproporphyrin and ${\delta}$-aminolevulinic acid might be in normal range.

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