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논문 상세정보


A study on the morbidity of syphilis among 729 workers in Po Hang and Ul San Industiral Complexes at the routine periodical examination was performed. In addition to the morbidity, factors related to the disease infection such as educational level, religion, preventive measures taken by the workers, history of urethritis, and so on were studied and analysed to check significant relation. The results were as follows: 1. VDRL and RPR tests were undertaken to determine the sensitivity and specificity of RPR test which was utilized for all the workers studied. It revealed 86.4% of sensitivity and 87.7% of specificity from RPR test, and 81.8% of sensitivity and 90.1% of specificity from the VDRL test compared with RPCF test. There were 87.4% of agreement rate between RPR and VDRL. Actually, RPR was more sensitive but less specific than VDRL, and found to be a satisfactory screening test for syphilis especially in the fields. 2. Among the workers in Po Hang Area 24.0% of them revealed reactive result, and in Ul San Area 5.2% revealed reactive result showing 4.6 times of risk among workers in Po Hang Area. 3. There were no statistically significant differences between RPR reactive rates and personal characteristics such as educational level, religion, history of urethritis experience, history of coitus with prostitute, and preventive measures of V.D. taken by workers if evaluated by area of Po Hang and Ul Srn separately. 4. V.D. could be encountered as an occupational disease in certain conditions of working places and the psychosocial problems of workers. And so, it is necessary that all the workers working in special estates such as in Po Hang Industrial Complex should be checked to be screened out by RPR test at periodical examinations and part of pre-employment examination also should include RPR test to be compared with. Regardless of the workmen's compensation, establishment of V.D. treatment clinic or system for such industrial workers is urgently needed. Health education regarding V.D. is another subject to be performed.

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