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논문 상세정보

${\\cdot}$공립공공도서관 사서직의 사기에 관한 연구

A study of the librarians' morale in national and public libraries


It can be expected for a public library to increase the service efficiency only when librarians can be satisfied with their job. Job satisfaction is the feeling a librarian has about his salary, his work, his promotion opportunities, his co- workers, his supervisors, etc. and affects directly librarians' morale. This paper is a study on these factors that affect the professional librarians' morale in national and public libraries in Korea. The methods employed to achieve the purpose of this study are (1) to establish some tentative factors affecting librarians' morale (2) to gather and analyze the answers against them from the professional librarians working in national and public libraries in Seoul, Korea. (3) to find out the factors abstructing the librarias' morale (4) to propose the improvement plans for them. The conclusions made are as follows: (1) Delegation of rights and responsibilities. (2) Adoption of the democratic leadership. (3) The harmonious communications between managers and librarians. (4) The level of wages and allowance. (5) Revision of the librarians' promotion regulation. (6) Necessity of continuing education of librarians. (7) Satisfaction of welfare facilities. (8) Improvement of social acknowledgement for the librarians' professionalism according to the advancement the level of educational course.

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