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논문 상세정보

부직포 중에 잔존하는 유리 Formaldehyde에 관한 연구 -접착심지를 중심으로

A Study on the Free formaldehyde in Nonwoven Fabrics -with emphasis on the fusible bonded webs-


As the fabric merchandises become more diversified and the pre-condensates of resin are used in increasing amount to enhance the quality of so-called 'easy care' in such fabric goods, form-aldehyde, which is extricated from nonwoven fabrics, has posed problems. The result of the study conformed, firstly that the fusible bonded webs sold in the current market contained a considerable amount of formaldehyde, i.e. the minimum of 552$\mu$g/g and the maximum of 2,123$\mu$g/g. Secondly, formaldehyde fond in many of such fabric goods was unable to be removed completely even after washed for, three times. Thirdly, the degree of permeation of HCHO into other part of the fabric proved to be high and. when kept in a poly bag over 10days. the amount of formaldehyde tended to increase. Such experiment, therefore, demonstrates that the methods of delivery and storage employed in the current distribution structure must be thoroughly re-examined. The conclusion of this study shows that we should be more concerned with the adverse effects of formaldehyde for the health of consumers. let alone the increase of export of such merchandises.

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