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오늘의 피임실태(避妊實態)에 관(關)하여

About Family Planning Status in Today


Natural increase rate in population is reached to 1.7% in 1975 fron 2.5% in 1966 because of the effect of Govermental Family Planning Program. The average number of present children and ideal children is just the same, 2.4 people, in this investigation. So, I assume that the number of present and ideal children is approaching each other. The rate of unmarried female workers who don't know even one thing about the know ledge of contraception was 23.9%, and especially that of rural women was 31.5% and 41.3% of them has never experienced contraception. 'Boy-preference' presented 60.1% of unmarried female workers and 79.1% of married women. 'Connection of a family line' related to 'Transfer to next generation of a family line' presented 38.0% and 'Trustworthiness' related to 'Leadership of a family' presented 26.0% (total 64.0%). As this point, Ive can find that this rate reveals the traditional sense of patriarchal system in society and family. The rate of women of experienced artificial abortion has been 52.1% and that of women using it as birth control caused by 'Many children' and 'Short brith-interval' 46.6% of women of experienced pregnancy. So, we can see that artificial abortion is a main cause of Maternal Health destruction.

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