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논문 상세정보

국립중앙도서관의 자료정리현황과 그 방향에 관한 연구

The Technical Services of the National Central Library: A Search for Rational Direction


Because of the changes made in the modes of cataloguing and classification in its long history, the present catalogue of the National Central Library has become complicated and provides an inadequate guide to its collection. There can be no doubt that this is a serious deficiency in a closed access library since materials housed in the library are virtually inaccessible to unskilled readers. The whole breakdown of the efficiency of the catalogue is emminent and will ultimately create the most serious problems for the library. The main purpose of this survey is: (a) to identify problem areas created by the frequent changes in the cataloguing and classifying principles in the library and (b) to grope a rational direction for the future development. Analysing the various classification schemes and cataloguing rules adopted in processing materials (mainly books) in the library, the following conclusions have been made. A. The library adopted five different clasification schemes in different periods, of which KDCP was used for the most part of its collection. KDCP is recommended to use for the future colletion. A classification development office is recommended to be established within the library, of which the main function is to revise the KDCP in collaboration with the appropriate committee of the Korean Library Association. B. The present practice in the library is to apply three different cataloguing rules and two different author notation tables to the Oriental, classical, and Western collections. Efforts should be made to find out an efficient system so that this variety is simplified. An alphabetical index should be added to the classified catalogue, and improvements are required in the Japanese collection. C. The technical services division is inadequately staffed. The staff should be sufficiently numerous and specially qualified. D. The present financial support for the technical services of the library is inadequate. Sufficient financial provision should be made to ensure the effective work. E. A feasibility study should be carried out to develop a computer processing system for providing machine-readable catalogue records on magnetic tape for use by the library community in Korea.

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