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논문 상세정보

마이크로형태자료 이용의 문제점 -우리나라 연구기관의 이용자조사를 중심으로

Problems in the Use of Microforms in Research Libraries -With a special reference to the users' attitude in Korean research organizations-


This paper consists of two parts: the first part discusses general problems of microforms as transmission and storage media of research information, especially in view of user's reactions to this unconventional media. Many articles and surveys from major American library journals and other professional publications have been mentioned and reviewed to find out the common issues which could be relevent to Korean case. The latter part is the analysis of the two sets of surveys. One was done from 5 research libraries in Seoul and the other, from 150 researchers who were the users of the libraries. The major findings are: The research libraries in Korea are in the infant stage of building their microform research collection. They are doing their special effort to level up the weaknesss of the collection. Presently, general level of usage is very low, although the users showed a positive attitude toward this unaccustomed media. They are well convinced with necessity of use of microforms in their research and they have correct ideas about some of the problems they are going to face along with the eventual heavier use of the materials. They are psychologically ready to accept them and to make a good use out of them if some of the external conditions for proper use of the material would be guaranteed.

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