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논문 상세정보

일부지방(一部地方) 개업의(開業醫)들의 농촌의료(農村醫療)에 대(對)한 의견(意見

Opinions of Medical Practitioners in a Local Area about Rural Medical Care Practices


During 2 months from December 1979 to January 1980, Medical practitioners in Chonnam province were grouped into Si (city), Eup (town) and Myun (rural area) groups according to the locations of their clinic. 40 practitioners were randomly selected in each group and were asked their opinions about rural medical care in general. Total of 88 practitioners replied to the question as 73.9 percent of response rate in average. The most frequently mentioned advantages of rural practice were ease of clinic opening in Si-and Myun-group respondents and good social relationship in Eup-group respondents. The most frequently mentioned disadvantages were medical isolation in Si-group respondents and residents' ignorance in medicine in Eup-and Myun-group respondents. In all groups, most respondents thought that rural medical care should be delivered by and controlled by physician. Suggestions made by Eup-and Myun-group respondents for improving rural medical care by structural change focused on the regional medical insurance system, while Si-group respondents noted district hospital or hospital linkage as the most preferrable system.

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