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논문 상세정보

Triglyceride의 세척성에 영향을 미치는 몇가지 요인

Some Factors Effect on the Detergency of Triglyceride


The effect of fatty acid content in oily soil and conditions of washing on the removal of triglyceride have been studied. Cotton lawn was soiled with the four-component soil-tripalmitin, palmitic acid, dodecyl alcohol and dodecane-and washed in constant temperature waterbath shaker. The detergency was estimated by analysis of triglyceride labelled carbon-14 on fabrics before and after washing by means of liquid scintillation counting. It was shown that the detergency of triglyceride washed with the nonionic, nonylphenol poly (10)-ethylene oxide and soap was increased steadily with increasing temperature, whereas with the anionics Na-DBS and SLS, the detergency was rather decreased when the temperature was elevated above $40^{\circ}C$. To investigate the effects of free fatty acid content in soil on the removal of triglyceride, the fabrics were soiled altering palmitic acid content, and then washed. From the results, the detergency of triglyceride was developed with increasing free fatty acid content. With soils containing less than $30\%$ of free fatty acid, of the three detergents tested, the nonionic was by far the most effective soil removal. Soap was intermediate and the synthetic anionic was the poorest. With soil containing $45\%$ of free fatty acid, soap was the most effective soil removal. When NaOH was added to detergent solution. the detergency of triglyceride was improved without regard to detergents. The optimum alkalinity was obtained according to free fatty acid content. And the alkalinity changed to low NaOH concentration with increasing free fatty acid content. From the results mentioned above, it could be concluded that the major removal mechanisms of triglyceride containing oily soil were mesomorphic phase formation, solubilization and soap forma-tion when alkali was added in detergent solution.

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