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논문 상세정보

울릉도의 거미상

The Spider Fauna of lsl. Ulreng-do (Dagelt), Korea


Hitherto 44 species belonging to 19 families of spiders have been reported at Ulreung-do on the East Sea. Korea. The authors have investigated spider fauna, through out the Ulreung-do, during July 25, August 3. 1975 and July 30, August 7, 1980. The foundings were as followings. 1) In this report, 132 species of 74 genera, including 3 undetermined species, belonging to 25 families of spiders are tabulated by the aid of published data and collections of the authors. Eighty six species are added to the fauna, of which 2 species are new to Korea. as follows; Porrhomma montanum Jackson. 1918, Clubiona neglecta O.P. Cambridge, 1862. The spider fauna of Ulreung-do includes 18 nothern species $(14.0\%)$, 8 southern species $(6.2\%)$. 7 cosmopolitan species $(5.4\%)$ and 84 Palaearctic temperate species $(65.1\%)$. The predominant species are Araneids. Thridiids, especially Cyclosa japonica Boes. et Str. are found in large numbers all over this island. Linyphiids and Lycosids are relatively few in number. 3) The common species to comparative area and foreign countries are as follows; Ulreung-do/Jookbyeon...76 species$(43.3\%)$ Ulreung-do/Jeju-do...95 species$(40.6\%)$ Ulreung-do/Heuksan do...61 species$(35.7\%)$ Ulreung-do/Deogjeog-do...51 species$(31.7\%)$ Ulreung-do/Tsushima Isl....71 species$(30.3\%)$ Ulreung-do/Japan...112 species$(11.3\%)$ Ulreung-do/main China...59 species $(6.5\%)$ 4) The ecological distribution are as follows; The seashore region...81 species$(62.8\%)$ The evergreens region...73 species$(56.6\%)$ The highiands region...64 species$(49.6\%)$ The valleys region...49 species$(38.0\%)$ The basin region...23 species$(17.8\%)$ 5) The noticeable one of geographical distribution in this island, are as follows; Nesticus quelpartensis Paik et Namkung, 1969, Conoculus simboggulensis Paik, 1971.

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