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논문 상세정보

광섬유의 인장강도에 미치는 Drawing Condition의 영향

The Effect of Drawing Conditions on the Tensile Strength of Optical Fiber


Drawing optical fibers in a graphite furnace is one of the most convenient and economical means of producing optical fiber. Since the flaw formation on optical fiber is mainly due to dust contaminations during drawing and surface corrosion by water vapor penetration through coating layer, the tensile strength of optical fiber drawn in a graphite furnace is greatly inflenced by the drawing conditions. The important factors found in this investigation were preform treatment (fire polishing), furnace interior environment (dust contamination, inert gas flows), primary coating condition (resin curing temperature, coating materials, method, thickness) and fiber pulling condition (furnace temperature, drawing speed, pulling tension). The tensile strength at optimum drawing conditions turned out to be 5 ~ 6 GPa.

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