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논문 상세정보

변형어에 관한 형태 및 중금속함량조사 -낙동강에 누식하는 Mugil Cephalus를 중심으로

A Study on the forms and the content of heavy metals of deformational Mugil cephelus from the Nagdong River


Seventy-seven Mugil cephalus of spinal deformation, living in Hanam, Nogsan, and Myeongji area, the downstreams of the Nagdong River, were collected in order to determine their forms and the levels of heavy metal contamination between March and October, 1981. The specimens were examined by X-ray and content of cadmium, lead, copper, and zinc by atomic absorption spectrophotometer. The results were summarized as follows: 1. The rate of appearance of deformational fish to the total Mugil cephflus were 4.3% (13 fish), 5.7% (17 fish), relatively high in May and June (dry season). Meanwhile during March and October they were low by 1.0% (3 fish), 2.0% (6 fish). As far as the research areas are concerned, they appeared in larger numbers in downstreams than in upper streams Myeongji (39), Nogsan (25), and Hanam (13). 2. Concerning with fractured parts of vertebraes,86 percent (66 out of 77) had their caudal regions fractured and 72 percent (55) their first to seventh caudal regions fractured. 3. The average levels of cadmium, lead, copper, zinc detected from flesh were 0.26ppm, 2.06ppm, 6.35ppm, 0.85ppm on the other hand, they were 0.22ppm, 1.84ppm, 5.03ppm, 0.93ppm in normal fish. 4. The average levels of cadmium, lead, copper, zinc measured in the bones were 0.39ppm, 2.55ppm, 8.97ppm, 2.73ppm. Meanwhile, from normal fish they were 0.33ppm, 2.25ppm, 7.24ppm, 2.42ppm. 5. Compared with regional heavy metal contamination such as cadium, lead, zinc, Myeongji area had higher contamination content than Nogsan area Nogsan area than Hanam area. 6. Compared with heavy metal contamination level in their tissues, cadmium was highly found in bones Lead and copper were highly detected in viscera. Particularly in skeleton cadmium was 560 times, zinc 160 times in proportion to those in the downstreams of the Nagdong River.

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