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논문 상세정보

전문도서관의 주제목록형태에 관한 일연구

A Study on Classified Catalogs of Research or Special Libraries in Korea


This study attempted at first to find out a more suitable form of catalog to guide library users who need subject approach through a literature survey, secondly to see how and which catalog form is kept by Korean research or special libraries through an analysing questionnaires, and thirdly to evaluate these data and explore the ways to improve the function of classified catalog in Korean research or special libraries. The findings of this study shows that a classified catalog is more desirable form of catalog in research or special libraries in Korea because of the diversity of languages of the literatures needed by researchers, the educational programs for librarians and the problems of subject heading lists. Above mentioned questionnaire survey shows that more than $70\%$ of research or special libraries in Korea uses classified catalogs. However, among those libraries - only $8\%$ has the index of cassified catalog which is prerequisite for the catalog users. This survey also indicates that recently many libraries began or converted classified catalogs to subject catalogs. The writer explains the beginnings or convertings of classified catalog to subject catalog is due to the fact that many libraries do not have the index of a classified catalog which is badly needed by the library users. Based on these findings, writer said that to improve the function of the present classified catalog, it should include it's index to guide the library users who are not familier with the classifing system of the subjects. Through the entire paper, the writer has attempted to develop a point of argument by comparing a classified catalog with a subject catalog. Writer's point is not only a subject catalog using the particular language terms as a communication tool has problems in itself, but also the prevailing of this catalog form in North America is caused by their different situations from ours.

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