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논문 상세정보

재료에 따른 Slacks의 착용감에 관한 연구

A Study on the Garment's Ease of Slacks Made of Different Materials


This study was conducted to examine the relation between the clothing materials and the garment's ease under wearing condition. Wearing test of slacks in the same pattern which were made of 3 woven fabrics and 1 knitted fabric have teen carried out. Subjects were 5 female students. Some physical properties of these fabrics were investigated. The following results were obtained. 1, By analysis variance with the results of sensory test which was tested by paired com-parison method, it was obtained that the effect of materials on the garment's ease were significant at the $1\%$ level on every part of stacks and posture of subject. It indicates that there is a difference of materials from materials in garment's ease. 2. Significant at the $5\%$ level among the materials. Jersey and Jean were looser than the other two materials. Clothing materials have considerable effect on the garment's ease of slacks, therefore it was noticed that the ease of slacks must have considered the clothing materials. It is more necessary in working dress. 3. Elastic recovery of width was more contributive to garment's ease of slacks than any other physical properties.

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