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논문 상세정보

여자 중$\\cdot$고등학교학생의 의복 선호도에 관한 연구

A Study on Middle and High School Girls' Tendencies in Selecting Clothes


This treatise deals with teen-agers' tendencies in selecting clothes, upon the recent liberalization measures of dress restriction. in regard to girl students' uniforms inmiddle and high schools, effective 1983. Results of my poll of 430 inquirees on the subject is outlined as follows; The surveyees have a preference for wearing box-style upper garments with a round-neck line and ribbon/tie collar. They also prefer to wear shirt cuffs mainly in set-in sleeve style. A straight skirt silhouetting the body line is anticipated to be longer in length than the knee line by 2 or 3 cm's. A dressy or sporty look would be most welcome, too. The ensemble of blue jeans and T-shirt blouse would be usual wear during school attendance. The reason why they like to choose trousers is considered to stem from the unisex look in fashion rather economical and practical purposes. Clothes material tends to be natural fabrics, single-colored and non-patterned. Color needs to be in a subdued mood, tuned with the same color and of neutral tint. In styling, emphasis is to be placed on femininity. In particular, the middle school girls wish to intensify 'Har-mony' in style while the high school misses are concerned with 'Individuality.'

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