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논문 상세정보

새마을 교육(敎育)과 농촌환경(農材環境) 및 보건위생(保健衛生

Saemaul Education for ImprovingRural Health in Korea


The Saemaul Undong has brought great improvements tothe life-style environment of rural communities, but it has not been able to focuson a health program. In order to improve rural health, develop human resources, and utilise the nation's manpower, the Saemaul Undong should focus on a community health project. Mobilizing the manpower for such a project can be done by providing opportunities for youth and young adults, especially village women, to betrained as primary health caretakers. This project can be achieved through the joint support of the Ministry of Horne Affairs, the Ministry of health and Social Affairs, and other Ministries. It will take decision and courage by government officials to implement such a grand plan, but it is a very crucial task to promote primary health care throughout the whole nation. This calls for top leader's concern & will to adovocate and support a 'Saemaul Movement for health', giving health asfirst priority to the Saemaul Undong as afresh political drive of the fifth Republic of Korea Government.

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