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논문 상세정보

일부(一部) 농촌지역(農村地域)에서의 농약(農藥)에 의한 인체(人體)의 피해상황(被害狀況)에 관(關)한 조사연구(調査硏究

A Survey on the Damage done to the Farmers by Agrochemicals in a Rural Area of Korea


This survey was conducted to find out demage done to the farmers by Agrochemicals in a rural area of Korea from January to October, 1980. Choon Sung Gun, Kang Won Province was the survey area and the 412 males were surveyed among all those that have sprayed agrochemicals during 10 Months in 1980. Obtained results and findings from this survey are summarized as follows; 1. The total spray days of 413 males were 3,114 days and avarage spray days per person were 7.54 days. Also avarage spray hours per person were 4.7 hours. 2. The incidence rate per 100 persons of self-recognized skin manifestation was 12.6 persons and incidence rate per spray day was 2.7 percent. The incidence rate per 100 persons of self-recognized intoxication was 23.0 persons and incidence rate per spray day was 3.6 percent. 3. In cases where mask was not used, when it was syrayed in hot weather, when stronger solution was used, the results were higher percentage in self-recognized intoxication (P<0.01). 4. The symptoms of self-recognized intoxication were headache (55.8%), dizziness (46.9%), nausea (17.7%), fatigue (17.0%), and vomiting (17.0%), 5. Number of intoxication per 100 used standardized unit by agrochemicals was parathion (93.8 spells), sumithion (91.8 spells) and folithion (66.7 spells). 6. Treatment was done by health facility utilization (27 cases), visits to drug store (13 cases) and visits to health center (7 cases).

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