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논문 상세정보

농약의 관리 및 유통의 문제점과 개선책

Discussions on Pesticides Management and Marketing in Korea

한국식물보호학회지 v.22 no.2 = no.55 , 1983년, pp.106 - 129  

An emphasized analysis and reviews on the progress of pesticide managements for the past 10 years through the statistics in Korea are summarized in this continued studies in connection with the fundmental aspects and direction of advanced pesticide industry and improved plantprotection policies for 1980's. Remarkable development and changes are observed in the plant species and varieties, plantation practices and production techniques as well as pest infestations and controls in the last decade, but no normal achievement and operations are recognised on the pesticide management and marketing system especially. Realistic plant protection adminstration and pesticide regulations in accordance to the industrial modernization and pest management advancement must be adjusted in accordance with national economic progress and desirable agricultural structure for 1980's. Special considerations are stated on the strengthening of research and inspection program for the quality products and control with the efficacy and safety use of pesticides. More serious attentions are noted on the over production and flooded stocks under struggled market demands and sales competitions with lethal financial difficulties by producers. Through the status analyzed for the last decade, the integrated past management and cooperative basic control pattern under positive self-forecasting system by farmers are also urged for the effective and economic pest control measures. The problems and solutions discussed here ell the advanced pesticide management as well as the cooperation on the self-ordered quality control and market managing systems in 1980's as it is a desired projection for the further improvement. Most of outstanding and necessary statistics and data in the past decade are also summarized here for references in connection with the previous report.

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