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논문 상세정보

농약안전사용상의 문제점과 그 대책

Problems on Pesticide Safe-Use and Their Counter-Measures

한국식물보호학회지 v.22 no.2 = no.55 , 1983년, pp.138 - 146  

With the increase of pesticide consumption, not only pesticide handling population would grow greater but also the chances to be exposed to the pesticides would be also increased. Thus, safe use and handling of the pesticides are becoming more important and serious in these days. The pesticides are well known to most pepole, however there are very limited number of persons who have correct understanding of chamicals. Intoxication cases caused by pesticides have been reported very rarely through the mess media, even they were lack of scientific evidences. In this paper, problems related to pesticide manufacture, transportation, storage, sprays, and residues and their countermeasures were discussed in connection with public health and enviromental aspects. Acute intoxication cases by pesticide handling might be caused accidently either through manufacture, marketing, transportation, or spraying. Safety aspects of workers in manufacturing plants include not only exposure to toxic chemicals, but also posibilities of of explosion and brought about by pesticides and their diluents. The problems of water pollution by waste chemicals from the manufacturing factories were discussed. Packing and loading methods of pesticides for transportation are considered in safety scheme and discussions are given in association with traffic accidents. With regard to warehouse, the pesticide storage, location structure, keepers, and standing materials for emergency are concerned with safety aspects. Concerning the spraying of chemicals, there are some problems to be discussed about clothes, spray equipment, wind direction, spray period, and spray workers condition. After the spray, treatment of used containers, remainder of Pesticides, and spray tools are also discussed. For the dissolutions of problems on public health and environmental danger arising from pesticide residues, there are two legal sanctions; 'Pesticide Tolerances' and 'Pesticide Safe Use Standards'. These regulations are legally effective, however, some problems still remain in practices to implement the acts properly, because these provisions are followed by the far mers mostly. With these regards, most problems are concerned with various sectors and persons, affecting public health and environment from the producers to the end users and consumers. As a whole persons concerned with pesticides, every possible effort has to be assembled to protect hazards from the chemicals. For the foremost place, special training and education are required for managing groups; such as factory managers and agricultural extension workers who are responsible for training the factory workers and farmers. The education is the only way to solve the hazard problems caused by the pesticides.

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