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논문 상세정보

중년여성의 의복태도와 관련요인연구

A Study on the Relationship between Clothing Behaviors and the Personal Variables of the Middle-Aged Women in Seoul


This study was undertaken as a useful material not only to understand the clothing behaviors and the personal variables (age, education, occupation, yearly clothing expenses, weight, and persons who influence on one's choice of clothes) of the middle-aged women in Seoul, Korea but to lend itself to other uses concerning attitudes toward clothing. For the measurement of the attitudes toward specified activities related to clothing use, attitude method by Mary F. Pasnak (1968) was reworded and modified for use with the sample for this study. Analysis of the data revealed that the clothing behaviors of 450 women 30 to 59 years of age made a significant difference according to the personal variables. First, women in thirties showed the most positive clothing attitude of the three age groups. The younger age groups were positively related to relief from boredom through clothing, intensity, sureness, and involvement of attitude among eight attitudes related to clothing. Second, the positiveness of relief from boredom through clothing, intensity, sureness, and involvement of attitude increased in proportion to the education level. On the other hand, dressing for self was negatively related to the level of education. Third, a significant relationship was found between the amount of the clothing expenses and dressing for others, tactual pleasure through clothing, intensity, sureness, and involvement of attitude. Among the personal variables of the middle-aged women, age, the educational level, and the clothing expenses have a relationship with the clothing behaviors, while job, weight, and the persons who influence on one's choice of clothes have no relationship. The extensive interpretation on the result of this study will have to be taken with deliberation. For the more practical material researches on the clothing behaviors of the middle-aged women should be continued steadily in every possible way.

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