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논문 상세정보

$Nd_2O_3$ 함유 유리의 X-선조사에 따른 변색에 관한 연구

A Study on the Coloration of the $Nd_2O_3$ Containing Glass by X-ray Irradiation


The coloration of the $Nd_2O_3$ contained $R_2O-BaO-SrO-ZrO_2-SiO_2$ glass added the various amount of $CeO_2$ $MnO_2$, $Fe_2O_3$ and $As_2O_3$ alone or together by the irradiation of X-ray irradiation,. The glasses added $CeO_2$ in proportion to amount were more effective on preventing coloration by X-ray irradiation but the addition of $MnO_2$ produced different color according to the amount of addition. The addition of the $Fe_2O_3$, $TiO_2$ and $As_2O_3$ did not give much effects to the transmission changes of $Nd_2O_3$ contained glass by X-ray irradiation but the glass added $CeO_2$ , $Fe_2O_3$, $TiO_2$ together was most effective to prevent coloration and transmisson changes.

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