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논문 상세정보

치아회분(齒牙灰粉)과 도재복합(陶材複合) 매식체(埋植體)의 물리적(物理的) 성질(性質) 및 세포배양(細胞培養)에 의(依)한 조직친화성(組織親和性)에 관(關)한 연구(硏究

A Study on the Physical Properties and Cytotoxicity of Tooth Ash and Dental Procelain


The purpose of this study is primarily to test the use value of tooth ash as an alternative material of the synthetic hydroxyapatite. For this purpose the author performed the experimental study to investigate the phsyical properties of sintered tooth ash and its histocompatibility in vitro. The tooth ash was made by incinerating procedure at $650^{\circ}C,\;750^{\circ}C,\;850^{\circ}C,\;950^{\circ}C\;and\;1050^{\circ}C$ respectively. The composition of tooth ash was analyzed and X-ray diffraction was done. The experimental specimens were molded to the cylinderical form 1 cm high, 1 cm in diameter under the pressure of $1000kg/cm^2$, which were divided into two groups; the one is sintered tooth ash at $1100^{\circ}C$ and the other is fired mixture of tooth ash and dental porcelain mixed to the weight ratio of 4:6, 5:5, 6:4 and 7:3. The physical propoerties of the sintered specimens were examined and their microstructure was observed under the Scanning Electron Microscope. The results obtained were as followings: 1. The difference of the tooth ash composition depending on incinerating temperature was of no significance, but the $CO_2$ disappeared from $950^{\circ}C$. 2. X-ray diffraction showed the tooth ash was mainly composed of hydroxyapatite and a small amount of - white lockite. But phase transformation was not disclosed. 3. The microstructure of the sintered specimens of the ashed tooth powder was of no difference in the structure and grain size accompanying the ashed temperature, but sintering ability seemed to be the best in the specimen incinerated at $950^{\circ}C$. 4. There was good wettability in the mixed sintered specimens of the ashed tooth powder and the porcelain powder. 5. The compressive strength of the sintered specimens of the tooth ash incinerated at $950^{\circ}C$ was the highest with $589.75kg/cm^2$ and the porosity and the absorption were the lowest as well. 6. The mixed sintered specimens of the tooth ash and porcelain powder was good in the physical properties in the case of mixed weight ratio of 6:4. 7. The animal fibroblast cultures with porcelain showed increase in the cell number, whereas the tooth ash showed a small degree of growth inhibition. But the difference of cell multiplication efficiency between control cultures and test cultures with tooth ash was not observed.

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