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논문 상세정보

Hinge Axis Point에 관한 연구

A Study of the Hinge Axis Point


The notion that the axis of the shaft of the articulator must coincide the patient's mandibular transverse axis tells us the importance of locating the axis precisely. When using kinematic axis to transfer a cast to an articulator, the anatomic asymmetry of the contralateral points will result in certain distortion when the axis transferred to an articulator where the mechanical axis produces symmetry. In this study, after locating the true hinge axis point with Denar hinge axis locator, the discrepancies between true hinge axis point and arbitrary hinge axis point that was 13mm anterior from the posterior margin of center of trangus to the outer canthus of eye were measured. And the discrepancies between left and right true hinge axis point in the superoinferior and anteroposterior directions were measured. For this study, 20 dental students who have no missing teeth and no difficulties of mandibular movement were selected. Upper and lower cast of subjects were mounted on Denar Mark II articulator uisng Denar Slidematic face-bow and centric relation record for the measurement of discrepancies between left and right true hinge axis points. The results obtained as follows. 1. The mean distance from the arbitrary hinge axis point to the true hinge axis point was as follows. Right: horizontal distance; 1.99mm, vertical distance; 2.12mm, linear distance; 3.36 mm. Left: horizontal distance; 1.39mm, vertical distance; 2.06mm, linear distance; 2.09mm. Total: horizontal distance; 1.69mm, vertical distance; 2.09mm linear distance; 3.06 mm. 2. The 87.5% of true hinge axis points were within 5mm of the arbitrary hinge axis point. 3. The mean discrepancies between the right and left hinge axis point were 2.92mm in superoinferior direction and 4.74mm in anteroposterior direction. 4. When transferring the axis to the articulator, anatomic asymmetry between right: and left axis point produces in dislocation of cast on the articulator, and undesirable shift in esthetic tooth position will be resulted.

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