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논문 상세정보

도서관 및 정보전문직 교육 방향에 관한 연구; 교과과정 분석을 통하여

Trends in the Education and Training of Library and Information Professionnals-Based On Analysis of Curricular of Library Science


Information science is the study how in formation is transferred and all the intermediate steps of collecting, organizing, interpreting, storing, retrieving, disseminating and trans foming information. Professional education means the transfer of knowledge, the development of cognitive abilities and the infusion of professional attitudes. Training may be defined as practice-based instruction in the development and use of professional skills. Each is affected by the confluence of social, economic and technological realities of the environment where the learning takes place. We have witnessed controversy about methods of curriculum revision and change. Should information science courses be added to the traditional library science curriculum or should the new approaches be integrated within the subject matter of each individual course? The article is based upon the assumption that education for librarianship is at a turning point. To provide this information, 25 curricula of colleges and universities were analysed to assist in the study. Also 32 information professionals were asked to assist in the study. In the experimental part of this study, curricula based on the education and training of library and information profession als were examined. The most frequently offered compulsory course 'Introduction to Information Science' exposes students to a new way of looking at library and information problems. Information retrieval, library automation, computer programming, data processing, indexing and abstraction, communication, system analysis has offered. These indicate a curriculum slowly shift from traditional librarianship to an emphasis on computerization and automation. Also from a questionnaire listing 58 events might influence library and information science education.

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  1. Hahn Bock-Hee 1999. "A Study on the Curriculum of the Library and information Science Education Programs Prepared for the Changing Environment" 한국도서관 정보학회지 = Journal of Korean Library and Information Science Society, 30(2): 179~198 


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