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논문 상세정보

조선시대 비빈 장삼 및 수보노의 일고찰 -의궤 복완도설을 중심으로

A Study on Some Female Ceremonial Robes (Jangsam and Sooboro etc.) of the Choson Dynasty


This is to study some female court costumes, Jamgsam and Sooboro etc. (장삼, 수보노), which seem to had been used as ceremonial robes. There is no remaines, and only a little written materials can be used. The Kook-Chang-Dogam Eui Gues(국장도감의구) give us some know ledges on the shapes, materials, embroideries and the usages of them. After surveying the provisions of the Eui-Gues, Auther arrived at conclusions as follow; 1. Jangsam(장삼) set is the counterpart of the Myunbok(면복) set. 2. Sooboro(수보노), worn over the Sang(상), is short, divided into three parts from the middle of the length, and the peonies(목단) are embroidered at the bottom of the three parts. 3. Jangsam(장삼) is accompanied by susik(수식), which seems to be a kind of headband, and a pair of gloves(수의).

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