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논문 상세정보

연속간행물 관리에 적용되는 업무조직 구조의 유형

Organizational patterns for serial management


The present study aims at identifying the nature of the organizational patterns for serial management and thus providing an assitance for decision-making in regards to how the serials in an individual library be processed. The premise of the paper is that effective management is ensued from adopting proper organizational arrangement. In the first part. attempts are made to bring to the fore the problems inherent in serial management and the efforts made for possible solutions. The main portion of the paper eximines the two outstanding patterns; namely, the decentralized arrangement patterned after the traditional functions of a library and the centralized one integrating such functions as acquisition, cataloging and information service. Both are examined in light of nature, development, applicability, strengths and weeknesses. Automation is viewed as a strong force for a change in organizing serial work as it has already brought about organizational change in some large libraries. The general conclusion is that a large collection(5,000 active titles or more) has much to benefit from a separate, specialized department. which integrates the related functions; and the smaller collection can be effectively treated like the rest of the library materials, assigning a specific unit responsible for serial work and promoting an informal communication activities which would bring about coordination and coorperation for the free flow of serial work.

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