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논문 상세정보

우리 나라의 농업정보시스템설립을 위한 일연구

A study for agricultural information system in Korea


This study is aimed to assure that the agricultural technical information which is the important factor to increase rural production should be widely used by rural communities, and for the wide circulation for the technical information, the appropriate information system is available for the farmers and extention workers who are responsible for the information transfer to farmers. The study is also aimed to find out an outline of a structure and characteristic of the appropriate information system for the rural communities in Korea. The method used to accomplish the purpose of the study, the modernization theory of agriculture of T. W. Schultz was examined and assertions of the information specialists regarding the issues of information transfer and agricultural information system :in developing countries were analyzed. Through the above literary research, the author tried to create the most suitable characteristic and structure of agricultural information system in rural communities in Korea. To justify the author's assertion, a survey through questionniares for a typical rural province was attempted. The assertion that the author tried to convey as the most suitable agricultural information system of this country is the establishment agricultural information analysis center mainly for the extention workers and designing information system which has affiliation between the rural guidance office which is already situated every unit of administractive districts all over the country and public library which is now not properly located and functioned.

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