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논문 상세정보

여름철 냉방실내의 적정착의량에 관한 연구

A Study on the Optimal Clothing Weight in an Air Conditioned Office in Summer


The purpose of this study is to research into the thermal condition and the weight of clothes suitable for the officers engagged in light works in an air-conditioned room in summer. The Major findings are as follows: 1. Thermal conditions of the working environment are $24.5^{\circ}C$ (Dry bulb temp.), $68\%$ (Relative humidity) and 2.6m/sec (Air Velocity). 2. Total clothing weights are 416.6 g/$m^2$ (male) and 340.9 g/$m^2$ (female). Underwear weights are 96.8g/$m^2$ (male) and 85.1g/$m^2$ (female). The latter turned out to be statistically significant in Sexual difference. 3. Means of the thermal sensation are 3.0 (comfortable; male) 2.7 ('Slightly cool' -'Comfortable'; female) and the relationship between clothing weights and thermal sensation proves to be significantly correlated in the case of female. 4. $66.7\%$ of the women and $37.1\%$ of the men feel sensation of coldness at the body's specific area and $79.5\%$ of the women and $54.3\%$ of the men reveals air-conditioning disturbance. 5. As the thermal sensation is close to 'cool-cold', sensation of coldness or air conditioning disturbance are showed up more frequently which is reversely related with weight of under-wear. It is also proved that air conditioning disturbances are influenced by sexual difference in addition to sensation of coldness and thermal sensation. 6. According to the result of experiment, we can have the idea that at condition $X_1$, the drop of limbs' skin temp. is remarkable. At condition $X_2$ skin temp. for distal limbs and mean skin temp. are raised and the falling degree is similar. At condition $X_3$, mean skin temp. and distal skin temp. are remarkably raised, and the falling degree decreases and the beats of pulse rate increase and diastoric blood pressure is lowered.

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