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논문 상세정보

의복의 보호론에 관한 이론적 고찰

Comparative Study on the Protective Functions of Clothes


This research is designed to systemize the protection theory as well as to supplement the missing theory by organizing various studies on the protective functions of celothes by domestic and foreign scholers of clothing. Human environments is classified two standpoints : (1) Physical environments, and (2) man built psychological environments including socio-physical environments, socio-biological environments, behavioral environments, socio-psychological environments and institution environments. Clothes acting as a physical protection might be of (1) extreme air temperature: Parka; (2) high relative humidity: raincoat; (3) air movement: windbreaker; (4) radiation: space suit; (5) atmospheric pressure: deep sea diver suit; (6) mechanical agent: bullet proof vest; (7) physical agent: (8) chemical agent: (9) biological agent: surgeon's gown, cap, and mask. Also dresses act to support the body comfort, health and the well-being; corset for bad back patient, wrist band for people with weak wrist, bottom half of pressure suit for people with low blood pressure. Clothes acting as a psychological protection might be of (1) influence of magic and of spirits: (2) moral danger; (3) the general unfriendliness of the world as a whole; a reassurance against the lack of love. Clothes should provide the maximum of satisfaction in accordance with the full recognition of reality. The reality should aim at the formulation of general laws concerning the most pleasing forms, colors, and styles to suit. The complex physiological anatomical and psychological aspects of individual personalities.

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