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논문 상세정보

SiC-(Si+C) 소결체의 강도에 미치는 (Si+C)첨가량의 영향

Effect of(Si+C) Content on the Strength of SiC-(Si+C) Sintered Bodies


$\beta$-SiC bonded SiC bodies were prepared from various conditions such as several compositions of(Si+C)/$\alpha$ -SiC ratio and different firing schedules and were respectively investigated compressive strength MOR and mi-crostructure. One firing schedule which produced the specimens that had $\beta$-SiC neck form with the highest strength was selected and experimented by each firing temperature. results obtained are as follows : 1) The amount of (Si+C) for th highest MOR of SiC-(Si+C) sintered body is 20wt% 2) By adding 20wt% content of (Si+C) and heating up to 1, 500 with soaking 3hrs respectively at 1,150$^{\circ}C$ 1,250$^{\circ}C$ 1,350$^{\circ}C$ and 1,400$^{\circ}C$ the highest MOR of fired specimen was resulted and its microstructure of ma-trix was composed of close $\beta$-SiC neck. 3) Microstructure of $\beta$-SiC were different greatly from each other by firing time and/or quantity of adding mix-ture and it was confirmed that they were composed of neck particle-like and heterogeneous texture. 4)$\beta$-SiC synthesis proceed rapidly at the temperature between 1,250$^{\circ}C$ and 1,350$^{\circ}C$ 5) All of the properties of 85 SiC-20(Si+C) specimen improved according to increasing temperature above 1,350$^{\circ}C$.

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