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논문 상세정보

서양복 제작용어에 관한 연구 -교육용어와 현장용어의 현황분석

A Study on the Professonal Terminologies Concerning Manufacture of Western Costumes -An Analysis of the Status of Educational Terminologies and the Terminologies Used in Practice-


This study is aimed at providing guidelines to settle unified terminologies that can be used in education, industry and factories by identifying the problems in the use of complicated terminologies concerning manufacture of western costumes. The results of the study reveal that educational terminologies tend to be more Korean languages whereas the terminologies used in practice consist of main streams of Japanese words which were transmitted erroneously, thus causing barriers of communication between the two fields, being same points to be called differently and being the terminologies pertinent to Korean costumes mistakenly used for western costumes. The confusion of use of professional terminologies is significant problem to be sotted in view point not only of the economic aspects of low productivity but also of the settlement and transmission of Korean culture. Therefore, the administrative measures are badly in need to solve all these problems. The following points are recommended to solve these problems on the basis of the findings of this study. 1) In principle the mistakenly transmitted Japanese words and the mixed up terminologies should be Koreanized, but those words for which there are no proper Korean words and complicated words difficult to commumicate can be replaced by the standardized pronunciation of the original words. 2) The words for Korean costumes which are mistakenly used for western costumes should be expressed by the standard of western costumes. 3) The readily localized foreign terminologies had better be used as they are. 4) The variety of terminologies indicating same points should be Koreanized in unification to best express the true meaning of the original words. 5) The misspelled Korean words and the dialect of Korean words should be standardized.

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