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논문 상세정보

환경오염의 방지시설의 운영에 관한 실태조사

A Study on the Wastewater and Air Pollution, Noise and Vibration Management and Discharge Control at the Industries


510 random samples were studied during the months of may through November 1985 at the various industries and conclustions were made as follows; 1. $43.94\%$ of the plants studied operated their plants with semiautomatic control system, and better efficiency were observed at the plants where automatic control systems emplorid and also large industries showed more tendency adopting the automatic plant control system. 2. Overall efficiency of the treatment plants were seen much higher at the first and secand discharge class categories then the lower discharge classes, $80.79\%$ of the plants were see their daily plant operation being controlled by the operator himself. 3. The main causes of the plant stopage and in efficient discharge control were found to be malfunctioning of the plants machineries and equipment or inadequate decision made by the management to save chemicals or electricity. 4. The study showed $60\%$ of the industry treated their wastwater wholly and the rest discharged only with dilution without receiving any further treatment, and this tendency pronounced at the 4th and 5th class discharge category industries. 5. $66.17\%$ of the industry had their storage capacity to accommodate the waste discharge during plants outage while $92.67\%$ of the air pollution discharge industries had no means for the plant outage. 6. $56.77\%$ of the studied industry maintained 24 hour operation of their discharge control systems whill $18.67\%$ of air pollution discharge industries and $10.53\%$ of the waste water discharge industries showed no control effort during the night.

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