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충청북도 단양지역 착암 근로자 79명과 착암기를 사용하지 않는 광산 근로자 39명을 대상으로 1987년 6월 10일부터 1987년 6월 19일까지 면접 조사 및 집단 검사를 시행하여 다음과 같은 결과를 얻었다. 1. 창백지(white finger)는 오른쪽 손에 더 많이 나타났다. 2. 창백지 발현에 진동 노출량, 연령, 음주 및 흡연 여부가 통계학적으로 유의한 변수로 선정되었다. 3. 진동 증후군 증상자의 수지부 통각역치가 대조군에 비해 증가되었다. 4. 냉수 침적후 진동 증후군의 피부온도가 대조군에 비해 낮았으며 회복은 대조군에 비해 지연되는 경향을 보였다.


By implementing epoch-making policies for industrial promotion, the national economy has made a remarkable development. As a result of such economic growth, industrial accidents and occupational diseases have become a serious problem in Korean society. In the presidential order for the execution of the Korean Labor Standard Law, neuritis and other diseases stemming from health impairments due to vibrations in industrial processes are designated to be dealt with as vibration diseases. In the case of vibration disease, industrial accident compensation is not effectively paid. In order to investigate the vibration hazards of rock-drill operation, the authors studied the subjective symptoms and performed physical function tests on a total of 79 persons (vibration exposed group) who used rock-drills, and 39 persons (control group) who did not use rock-drills at anthracite mines. The results of the physical function test were as follosws : 1. The right hand was more affected by white finger than the left hand. 2. Independent variables such as duration of rock-drill operation, age, drinking and smoking were indentified as statistically significant factors for the occurrence of white finger. 3. In the pain sense threshold, the group with Raynaud's phenomenon showed a statistically higher level than that of the control group. 4. The skin temperature of the group with Raynaud's phenomenon was lower than that of the control group. The recovery time of skin temperature aftr cooling was delayed compared with the value of the control group.

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