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논문 상세정보

교합안정장치 사용후 하악과두의 위치변화에 관한 연구



The establishment of an optimal and functional condylar position (centric relation) as the therapeutic and diagnostic reference position during occlusal treatment for patients with temporomandibular joint and muscle pain. dysfunction has long been an important subject in dentistry. The objective of this study was to compare the reproducibility md the changes of condylar position in normal group to those in patient group after use of the occlusal biteplane splint. For this study, 11 normal adults who had no symptoms of masticatory dysfunction and 18 patients who had visited at the department of occlusion in dental infirmary of Yonsei University were selected. For each subject three centric relation records were recorded before treatment, after 2 weeks and after symptoms were improved. And the condylar positions in centric relation were measured using articulators and a Vericheck. On the basis of this study, the following results were obtained. 1. In normal group, there was no significant difference of reproducibility in condylar position before and after the use of the occlusal biteplane splint for 2 weeks. 2. In patient group there was significant improvement in the reproducibility of condylar position after treatment (P<0.01). The reproducibility in patient group, however, was less than normal group. (P<0.01) 3. The mean distance of condylar movements was $0.38{\pm}0.22mm$ after 2 weeks in normal group. 4. In patient group, condylar movements were $1.36{\pm}0.70mm$ (P<0.01), significantly different from normal group. (P<0.01) 5. In patient group, the main direction of condylar movements after treatment was toward anterior and superior, preponderance being at superior direction.

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